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How To Fix Common Magento Issues

A Specialised Guide To Help Fix Common Magento SEO Issues

Magento is fantastic and everyone loves it. But, if you find yourself with a technical issue, it can feel a bit tricky to fix without the right know-how. Here are some of the common issues that arise, and some pointers on how to deal with them.Is your eCommerce site a …

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eCommerce Apps Are Changing

eCommerce Apps Are Changing But What Do Customers Really Want?

There’s nothing more convenient when you’re shopping online than finding there’s a perfect app for the job. Not just any app though. We’ve all experienced those times where you open an app, only to discover that it’s tricky to use, the product range available on the platform is limited, and …

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Shopify Closing In On Amazon

Shopify’s eCommerce Empire Is Closing In On Amazon

“Amazon who?” Just joking. We know it seems unlikely that the monster of online retailing should have anything to worry from other businesses, but with Shopify, it’s starting to look as if that distant pipe dream could become more of a possibility for eCommerce sellers.Shopify is a platform for eCommerce …

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Choosing the right social media platform for your business

October’s You Are The Media Lunch Club

What are your plans at lunchtime on Thursday the 26th of this month? If your answer is “not much” and you are based in the Bournemouth area, then we strongly urge you check out the ‘You Are The Media Lunch Club’ held here at the Media Lounge HQ! We are …

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record growth in Europe for Magento

Google AdWords Auction Insight – The Most Insightful Insight Tool In Sight? (part 2)

Welcome back fellow AdWords enthusiasts! From reading part 1 of this article (found here for those of you who missed it) we would hope that you’ve now had a play around and become familiar with the Google AdWords Auction Insight tool and are now ready to push your knowledge to the next …

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Magento Updates For Tax Relief

Work to Fixing Magento Updates May Even Qualify For Tax Relief

It’s always good to have some financial good news when you’re talking eCommerce technicalities. After all, budgets are tight, and we all need online selling to be smooth and simple so that customers can make their purchases and potential customers aren’t put off by our downtime. However the Magento 2 …

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Wirehive 100 Award Winners

We Are Wirehive 100 Award Winners 2017!

It’s fair to say that when October rolls around, the thoughts of the whole team at Media Lounge immediately turn to just one thing – the Wirehive 100 Awards. Having already tasted success in last years’ awards by claiming ‘eCommerce Site Of The Year 2016’ for our client Superior Fires …

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Magento 2 Tips And Tricks

Building An Online Marketplace For Magento 2

Magento was great, Magento 2 is even better. You already knew that, but are you making the most of what’s on offer? It’s all designed to get your eCommerce site up and running with maximum performance. So let’s have a look at some tips for site building in Magento 2 …

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AI Can Help Retailers

AI Can Help Retailers Deliver Highly Personalised Experiences

If you’re selling online, you might not even have realised the extent to which AI is probably already an everyday part of your working life. Improvements in technology mean that AI has smoothed the whole experience of online shopping both for the eCommerce retailer and the consumer. Think about it. …

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Big Data vs Small Data

It’s Not All About The Size (Of Data)

In 2011, the world fell in love with ‘Big Data’. Defined as ‘the collection, processing and availability of huge volumes of streaming data’, Big Data has helped to make more accurate decisions, across a multitude of industries, at little cost. However, while processing massive amounts of data has had a …

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