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Your eCommerce Content Strategy

5 Strategies You Can Use To Personalise Customer Experiences

Having a business that has a great website isn’t enough for most consumers nowadays; they want more and they want it now. But how do you give them more I hear you ask? Well, personalising their online experience is a great way to show potential customers you’re listening to their …

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Improve Your Content Marketing

How To Maximise Your Content Marketing Performance

A lot of SEO’s are turning to content marketing to replace or supplement their link-building efforts. However, consumers think most of this content is just clutter. Here is some advice on just how to stand out from the rest. Define the Strategy and KPIs So, you know you need to …

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Is it all about online reviews

eCommerce Call to Action Examples And Why They Work

So your website looks amazing as you have previously spend a lot of time previously tweaking it to ensure everything flows and works as it should be. But, why are your visitors not adding any products to their cart? If this is a question that applies to you take a …

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Social Media Trends For 2017

The Most Important Social Media Trends Of 2017

Social Media was once a competitive and dynamic space but recently became a little too predictable. It has all been going on for years, and it basically became simply repeating the best practices over and over. In order to help maintain interest in your social platforms, here are some new and exciting social media …

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Going Viral With Content

What It Takes To Make Content Go Viral

Going viral is what it’s all about in content marketing terms. When you create something for the web and it rocket launches itself into a million views overnight, you know you’ve got your very own homemade gold dust, in marketing terms. If there was a secret equation for viral marketing, …

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Provide incredible customer service for eCommerce success

Lounging At Media Lounge – My First Month!

So the first month is done and dusted. It’s flown by if I’m honest. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I walked through the door at Media Lounge, but I already feel confident I’ve made the right decision in joining the team. Here’s why. When I first moved …

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eCommerce pricing design

Top Tips For Displaying eCommerce Product Prices

Product price display is a marketing feature as well as just the bottom line for eCommerce sales. The way you display pricing (just like the way you pitch the price point for your products in the market place) can make or break potential conversions. Here are some top tips for …

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Instragram Marketing

Instagram Is The New Black For eCommerce, But Why?

When in doubt, and you’re wondering what to wear, black always seems to work. It goes with everything and it makes you look like a sharp dresser even on a bad hair day. In the same day, when you’re wondering how to sell online, no need to go further than …

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Latest tips for designers

Is Less Really More? Facts That Designers Need To Know

Unlike in maths, one plus one in designing may not just make two. Match just the right vase, with just the right floral display, and the relationship can make a world of difference beyond those two elements. That’s why, when designers are making artistic decisions, they are using their senses …

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June Lunch Club at Media Lounge

Time For Another ‘Enlightening’ Lunch Club

It’s that time again folks… the ‘You are The Media’ Lunch Club is back! Woo-hoo! Come on down and join us at Media Lounge HQ in Bournemouth on June 29th for another dose of the latest industry chat, more great food and simple, relaxed networking – you can probably tell …

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