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mCommerce Strategy

3 Mistakes eCommerce Merchants Make With Mobile Commerce

You’re an eCommerce professional, but how are you doing with mCommerce? Mobile functionality is more than just a fun add-on extra that proves you’re down with the kids! Let’s have a quick look at the top 3 mistakes online sellers make when they’re wondering about opening their doors to mobile …

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Customisation In Shopify

How Customisable Is Shopify Really?

Customisation is a great way to be unique, and on the internet that’s obviously a big deal. However, just like so many things in life, having a familiar flavour, or format or layout that’s feels recognisable is also really important. As most people are used to shopping via, say Amazon, …

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Next Generation Of Digital Talent

The Next Generation of Digital Talent Given Insight To Creative Industries

Creative Industries in 2017 and going forward into the future increasingly need digital talent that can connect effectively with a fully digital world. We think it’s always worth investing in the kind of programmes that care about new employees, giving them training and exposure to the real world of work …

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The Social Login Effect

How To View The Pages You Liked From Your Facebook Business Page?

Are you an avid Facebook user for your business? Want to like other pages and see who have liked you back, but just don’t know how! Have no fear, Media Lounge is here! Similar to other social media sites Facebook likes to make subtle changes without informing anyone about it. If you are …

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Should you upgrade to Magento 2?

The Pros and Cons of Magento 2

Magento has long been a trusted tool for serious ecommerce users, but it’s a fast moving marketplace out there and you have to adapt to keep up. With Shopify and other platforms gaining in popularity, and some saying that Magento has lagged behind in development, it’s worth taking a look …

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Top Magento eBooks 2017

Top Magento Ebooks You Need In 2017

When you’re trying to get your head around Magento for the first time, it can feel like a lot of work. Of course we’re here to help, but for your own professional development it can be useful to have an e-book to refer to. If you’re looking for some e-book …

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How Magento Drives More Sales

How Magento Drives More eCommerce Conversions And Sales

Given the choice, it seems like most people would choose to shop from a mobile device rather than go and visit an actual shop on the high street. Magento plays a big part in that, which is why it’s a platform we (and many other consultants) strongly recommend it to …

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Trending eCommerce Products 2017

Trending eCommerce Products To Sell In 2017

Selling online is the only way to go nowadays. Social media drives it, and gets your sales message trending, and then mobile devices make it just a one or two step click until the product lands on your doorstep. You could sit be sitting on a bus and buying a …

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Magento Live 2017 Summary

Key Points From MagentoLive 2017

If you didn’t make it to London for the MagentoLive 2017 conference, you’ll probably be wondering what happened. Fear not, we’re here to give you a quick summary of the things you missed. The first thing to say is that if you glossed over this year’s event thinking you’d catch …

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Increase eCommerce revenue

4 Simple Ways To Boost Customer Spending On Your eCommerce Site

Owning an eCommerce website that consistently turns over a good profit can be challenging – in order to keep the orders coming in, you’ll need to be constantly tweaking and fine-tuning your site to give customers what they want. But are there any simple quick wins that you can implement …

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