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Here at Media Lounge we’re not just about Magento web design and development because our wider team encompasses all-round eCommerce specialists. Over 10 years in the eCommerce industry we’ve formed valued partnerships with companies and individuals who all work to the same highest standards as us and share our work ethic – professionals who are masters of their trade. Come to Media Lounge for your website, and you’ll also benefit from access to our trusted partners in related fields who offer great deals in product photography, website copy, fulfilment, and online marketing.

You can have the most beautifully designed and functional site in the world, but if your product images are amateurish or your text fails to engage with your target audience, you just won’t sell to your potential. You can have a fantastic site, yet still discover that visitors aren’t finding it for other technical reasons. Get our professional partners on board and you’ll soon start to recoup the investment and see your online business grow to its full potential.

What’s in it for us? Just this: your success story is our success story. As your business gains a glowing reputation and increasing business, so does ours. So let’s look at the essential services, beyond our basics of quality eCommerce site development and design.



Here are the essentials in addition to having a beautifully designed and developed ecommerce store.



Product photography/video

No question – the very most important thing for your customer is the product. That’s why you need images that show it in the best possible light, with the right composition and editing to deliver the product persuasively to the screens of potential customers all over the world.

Any old snapshots can show basically what the product is. But professional product photography captures the detail, presents it aspirationally, and brings product listings to life by placing each item, virtually, right into the viewer’s world.

See the difference for yourself: the same image photographed by an amateur and a professional. Which would you buy?



Our photographic/video partners work just 5 minutes from our offices and have the capacity to shoot hundreds of products a day, or focus on 2 or 3 in high detail. They offer day rates or alternatively can quote a price per unit.



Copywriting – with an SEO consideration

Rich and natural text is the currency of the internet. Gone are the days when just cutting and pasting the right keywords into the right places does the job. Nowadays search engines, as well as real life readers, reward well-written material. Professional copywriting boosts rankings, increases engagement, and shows customers you’re a brand that can be trusted to inform and educate them. Quality text proves you understand customer needs, and it does it all with a turn of phrase that takes the place of the friendly smile of a face to face sales advisor.

When customers have seen the same shots of the same product over and over again on different sites, it’s the text that makes all the difference as to where they choose to order. Here’s an example. Which description is more likely to win you over?


Ask us about copywriting that will give you a truly professional website. Our copywriting partner has wide experience in eCommerce writing, working for big name retailers in the UK and internationally. They will pick up on the desired tonality of your brand and keep it consistent across your whole site, to blend seamlessly with quality graphics and images.




SEO (search engine optimisation) requires an in-depth understanding of how the internet works. It’s a specialism in its own right that requires the expertise of SEOs who live and breathe it, rather than being the quick bolt-on service that some companies just offer to tack on afterwards.

Some aspects of SEO are common sense – page titles, unique content, relevance – these factors will create a search engine friendly structure. However, true SEO goes beyond this and will make the difference between you lurking somewhere down on page 6 for Google, or ranking right up there on page 1 with the best.

When budgeting for your site design and development, bear in mind that it’s SEO that will allow people to actually find you online. Not only that, a good SEO will guard your site against negative impacts such as incorrect link building, or being an easy target for unscrupulous techniques which can be disastrous for your reputation and take a lot of time and work to remedy.

Ask us about SEO and we’ll be delighted to refer you to one of our SEO partners who are suited your budget as well as your online goals and ambitions. They’ll go through your requirements in more detail and discuss the services they offer in down-to-earth terms that you won’t need to be a specialist to understand. Get the SEO right as well as everything else, and your site performance will fly.




So, your site is setup properly and optimised. The traffic is pouring in and converting to sales. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. It’s a great news story so far, but at that point everything hangs on fulfilment.

Fulfilling orders can be extremely costly, time consuming and stressful if it’s not done efficiently. Get it wrong and you’ll quickly gain a bad reputation online that will be hard to shift. Customer satisfaction will be through the floor if you don’t carry out delivery of orders to at least an acceptable level. Repeat orders will be non-existent. Get this part of the business wrong and it won’t matter how much time and effort you put in, everything will be wasted.

Many online retailers are so busy with their business they need professional help to optimise fulfilment. Our preferred partners in fulfilment also specialise in areas such as product storage, courier delivery and return. They can offer manual or fully automated order processes for small to medium sized businesses.

Help with fulfilment can be impressively cost-effective, and will free you to focus on other areas of your business. Contact us about fulfilment and we’ll happily recommend top quality services you can trust.



Media Lounge is here to get your website and your whole eCommerce business performing at its best on all levels. Contact us to find out about any of the services we and our partners provide, and together we’ll turn your business around. It’s what we do.



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