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eCommerce Marketing

At Media Lounge, we do things in the most efficient and transparent way possible to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and the eCommerce Marketing team are no exception. We don’t ask our clients to commit to lengthy contracts or agree to vague retainers – instead we work on an hours-based system that gives our clients complete control and visibility over their eCommerce marketing activity.

Our eCommerce marketing services include Paid Search & Google Adwords, SEO, Google Analytics Support and Website Usability.

Our extensive experience in marketing for online retail businesses allows us to make recommendations, develop and implement strategies and provide ongoing management and optimisation for our eCommerce clients. We call the specialist service we provide eCommerce Performance Marketing. It’s a flexible service that can cover any level of support across all key disciplines, platforms and channels. Our core marketing services are detailed below.

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    Paid Search & Google Adwords
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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • analytics
    Google Analytics Support
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    Website Usability

Paid Search & Google Adwords

The importance of paid search results has become undeniable since Google launched AdWords back in 2000. For keywords with high commercial intent, two-thirds of clicks go to sponsored results, making paid search marketing across Google and other search engines a fantastic resource for eCommerce businesses.

We find this style of online advertising works best for industries who can quantify the results, such as online shops or businesses who are able to gain enquiries or sales for their products or services.

Adwords allows you to target countries, or even specific areas, so if you are a service supplier but you can only serve clients within a 30 mile radius from your premises, Adwords will allow you to target this area and your advert will only be shown to people in this area searching your keywords.

We can help with paid search strategy on various levels from analysis of current performance and account architecture to full setup, ongoing management and optimisation.

Our experience of using platforms like AdWords to drive eCommerce business combined with a host of tested techniques and additional resources means we can provide improvements in performance or cost savings across most accounts.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process whereby a site is tuned to work more effectively within Google's ranking algorithm, therefore moving your site higher on results pages.

There's no question that ranking higher than your competitors in organic search is important, but it is often forgotten just how important it is. Studies suggest that when position one receives an average click-through rate of 36%, position two will only get 13% and position three receives less than 10% and a robust SEO strategy could be the difference.

The Media Lounge marketing team have an abundance of eCommerce SEO experience and can build a comprehensive strategy from the beginning or help during any stage of the process from planning and research to onsite work and content strategy to help the performance of your search engine ranking result.

SEO is not a one-off job which you can do once and leave. Your competitors are all doing this on a continued basis so you need to compete with an ongoing campaign which is what we can offer.

As with all Media Lounge marketing services, our eCommerce specific SEO experience is where we provide the most value, particularly when it comes to onsite optimisation and content planning.

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Google Analytics Support

At one time or another you would have heard about or looked into Google’s web analysis platform, Google Analytics. You might already be using it but may not understand how to fully take advantage of its features to help improve the conversion rate on your eCommerce store.

If you are not already using Google Analytics we recommend that you start soon as we feel it’s a must for all eCommerce businesses. Currently Google Analytics is installed on over 10 million websites including 56% of the top 1 million domains in the world and holds over 82% of web analytics market share.

The marketing team here at Media Lounge have a plethora of data analysis experience and particularly using Google Analytics. From one-time investigations into performance dips or traffic spikes to regular analysis of site performance and user behaviours and everything in between, the team are here to help.

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Website Usability

There are many aspects to website usability testing and although here at Media Lounge we design eCommerce stores based on extensive real-world experience, the importance of learning directly from the user's actions should never be underestimated.

Analysing the usability of an eCommerce store has never been more in depth. We partner with handpicked software providers to deliver the best in heat mapping, user navigation analysis, human evaluation and session recording tests for our clients.

The Media Lounge team can help make recommendations following general site testing or focus on specific objectives set to improve user flow, reduce exit rates, increase conversion or test design elements.

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