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We don’t simply design and build eCommerce websites that look nice, we are committed to creating successful stores that return on their investment quickly and make your business more efficient. After establishing your online ambitions, we’ll put together a long-term strategy and create an eCommerce solution that ensures you achieve these ambitions.

We’re looking for progressive companies aiming to disrupt eCommerce who have long term objectives to be the best in their sector. Our team will help plan, develop and execute long-term strategies to maximise your online presence and drive revenue. By evaluating your existing offering – both online and offline – we are able to advise on your business as a whole, promoting your existing strengths and highlighting any weaknesses. Our team want to help drive your business forward and deliver the results you want to see.

We’re also Wirehive 100 ‘eCommerce Site of the Year’ award winners in both 2016 and 2017!

Dedicated eCommerce Magento Agency
Ongoing CRO, UX and performance monitoring
Bespoke eCommerce solutions
Best 3rd party integrations & partner software
Loyalty, Rewards & E-mail marketing systems
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
eCommerce performance marketing
Business efficiency and reduction of manual processes
Artificial Intelligence for search, personalisation and remarketing
Hosting, Security & Support
Warehouse & EPOS solutions

As an eCommerce Magento agency, one of our core values is “Progressive” – we’re constantly looking for new innovations, opportunities and the latest eCommerce tech to provide our clients with the perfect online proposition to improve their stores. As your agency partner, we’ll push you and your business for regular improvement and aim to provide you with the best possible strategic advice, recommending only the most effective and relevant eCommerce Magento solutions to deliver your businesses objectives.

One of the great things about the internet, especially with eCommerce, is that everything is quantifiable. What percentage of visitors are using search and how does this convert? Which pages of the website have the highest exit rate and why? Does your mobile experience provide the best possible user experience? What’s the customer life time value? What is your current marketing ROI as a percentage of sales? These are just a few of the questions that we’ll focus on when we create your highly optimised eCommerce Magento website and ongoing marketing strategy.

To learn more about our eCommerce Magento web design process, please see the key areas listed below.

Data Discovery

Developing an understanding of your customers and their propensity to purchase. We will conduct analytics research, session replay recordings, benchmarking, website usability testing, multi-user experience testing, mystery shops and performance testing to develop data driven UX exercises in relation to conversion rate optimisation and customer lifecycle review. This research and review is key to identifying what the new eCommerce Magento website needs to achieve. This then allows us to produce an effective phased approach and understand how best to deploy the resources and skills required.

Scoping & Planning

Learning the fabric of your business. An on-site scoping visit is imperative as this gives us hands-on experience of how your business trades day to day, but may also identify other areas of the business which can be made more efficient with the implementation of a new eCommerce Magento solution. Our experience and expertise goes far beyond delivering a website and this stage of the project is vital in providing an end-to-end solution that integrates seamlessly into your business.

Solutions Architecture

A visual blueprint of your new solution. Our eCommerce architects will combine the information from the scoping visit and data discovery phases, along with eCommerce Magento best practice and the latest UX and CRO techniques to visually present the software, integrations, services and user flows of the planned eCommerce solution required to support and grow your business.

Beta Design & Development

The execution phase where we build and test your digital application. This will involve a default installation of the eCommerce software, all Magento functionality development and initial mockups of the key eCommerce pages built to be able to handle live transactions and display on all devices. Hosted on a staging server as a private beta version this can then be approved before moving to live models.