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Taking your ecommerce store further

Media Lounge brings your online store to Facebook – to get business growing faster. Increase your sales and reach more customers by importing your existing Magento Store straight into Beetailer. That means quick and easy integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Media Lounge’s deep integration includes the shopping cart API, so customers can shop inside Facebook but check out in your regular store. We can customise your store to give it a fresh, unique look and also link it with your E-commerce website. It’s a great boost for advertising, increasing traffic to your site, and ultimately getting more sales.

Here are a few key benefits of our Facebook Store service:
• Custom Facebook Store design
• Custom listing template design
• Enhanced shopping experience for customers
• Improved online buyer confidence
• More traffic to your E-commerce website
• A single source for selling all your products

Beetailer is already in use by thousands of E-commerce stores, reaching over 50 Million users.

We also offer an eBay service, which is fantastic news if you’re looking for an easy way to start trading online. eBay allows you to sell at your own pace: one item at a time, or maybe ten thousand at once! Start slowly, or make a big splash – as you wish. With us you’ll also have the benefit of our wealth of experience in Magento E-commerce, not just as designers and developers but also as consumers and as E-commerce site owners ourselves.

If you’re new to online selling, here’s the solution. eBay is one of the easiest and most effective ways to start up your own business, and with Media Lounge’s syncing facility, you’ll have control of all your online products from just one source. Put simply, we sync your eBay and Magento Stores. That means you don’t have to rely on Google for advertising and SEO, and your store and E-commerce site will be much simpler to manage.

Media Lounge gives you a unique, personalized and customized eBay service. We develop your
brand, choose an effective colour scheme, and create a theme, logo, and format for your eBay Store, that will make it memorable and recognizable to your potential eBay customers. You will have access to
a range of advertising and marketing tools and techniques, such as the ability to create prominent displays on your main store homepage, promoting new items, specials, sales, and featured products.

For optimum marketing and advertising, eBay provides buttons, links, logos etc to drive traffic and engagement between your E-commerce site and your eBay store.

Here are just a few of the key benefits of our eBay service:
• Custom eBay store design
• Custom eBay listing template design
• Enhanced shopping experience for customers
• Improved buyer confidence
• Potential increased average order values
• Photo gallery area (displaying up to 20 images on your listing template without
incurring additional fees)
• Intuitive navigation with easy product-finder
• On average, a massive sales increase of up to 30%

(75% of eBay Store sellers surveyed said that opening an eBay Store increased their sales.*)


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