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Magento eCommerce

Why should you choose Magento eCommerce and what do their values mean to you? Well, our summary below should help you understand why this platform is the perfect choice for your eCommerce store.

Magento is established as the global market leader for online retailers, commanding a whopping 20% of the total eCommerce marketplace, and it now supports over 250,000 businesses with its platform – in comparison, the closest rival has just 11% market share. Aside from leading the pack, it’s fully customisable appearance and functionality makes Magento web design ideal for almost any business. With regular updates and a huge support community, Magento is head and shoulders above any other eCommerce platform in our opinion.

No doubt Magento is already on your shortlist of potential eCommerce solutions and we’d love to help further in answering any other queries or questions you have about the platform. Our Magento developers have nearly a decade of experience and a Magento web design portfolio featuring over 250 stores, so we’re perfectly positioned to help deliver your dream website.

Magento 1 & Magento 2

As Wirehive 100 ‘eCommerce Site of the Year’ award winners in 2016 and 2017, we know a thing or two about Magento online store development. Learn more below…


Out-the-box Magento is by far the most powerful and feature rich eCommerce solution available for the SME market, but for our clients we’ve gone one step further and enhanced the platform with additional functionality chosen to expand the retailers experience and platform capabilities. Our Magento X-Tend configuration is part of any new Magento online store development and will ensure your new eCommerce solution has our years of retail experience as standard.



Your server infrastructure should be configured to support and seamlessly deliver your Magento eCommerce business to every visitor from 1 – 10,000 transactions per hour. Our Magento-optimised server configurations are designed to be reliable, robust, and scalable, no matter your volume of visitors, their location or number of daily transactions. See more about our Hosting services here



Access your dedicated Magento support team directly from your admin panel. Raise and keep track of all support queries, access your tailored knowledge base and purchase the latest extensions from our approved extension shop. This fully integrated support panel means you’re always in touch with our Magento developers. See more about our Support services here


Conversion rate optimisation is effectively data and user experience combined to provide a calculated and iterative approach to increasing the conversion and optimisation of your Magento eCommerce store. A strategy is usually applied to the highest value pages first and then optimised throughout your store to ensure the maximum number of visitors go on to become customers. See more about our CRO services here

Why choose Magento eCommerce?

Why choose Magento eCommerce and what do their values mean to me? Our summary below has been designed to help you understand why this platform has become the market leader for online retailers, how its commanded a whopping 20% of the eCommerce market which supports over 250,000 businesses with it’s platform, the closest rival having just 11% market share.

It’s likely that you’ll already be considering Magento as a potential eCommerce solution, and we’d love to help further in answering any other questions you may have about the platform. In the meantime, here are the reasons why we love working with Magento…

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Open Source

Simply put, this means the source code for Magento is freely available and allows anyone with the technical ability to modify, enhance or redistribute this anywhere for any purpose. As a retailer this should be a key factor, you'll want to own the code of your website, be free to further enhance it as you grow and not be tied to any licenses or development agencies.


Magento was built with the sole intention of being an eCommerce solution, unlike other platforms which were primarily created for content driven websites which have later added eCommerce as extended functionality. Being intentional with their direction and target user means the vast functionality you'd expect from an eCommerce solution is there as standard and requires no further development. Magento eCommerce was also built to work across a number of businesses sectors, so out the box this solution caters for the complexities and configurations of both business to consumer and business to business retail.


Magento web design provides a fantastic foundation and framework for any eCommerce store, but the true potential lies in the ability to customise your store to your business's and customer's needs. Magento stores have literally no limitations in terms of design, functionality and optimisation, so you can create that unique experience for your clientele. Customisation also extends to the admin functionality and via the Magento API to integrate with a host of 3rd party systems and services further enhancing and streamlining your business.


Investing money in one technology, only to find you've outgrown it in 6 or 12 months doesn't make commercial sense, but is also a waste of valuable resources. When making your selection for any eCommerce platform you should take into consideration the needs of the business today but also those of the future to ensure the platform you select can support your business as it grows.

The Magento eCommerce platform can support a range of retailers from startups to multi million pound industries without the need for costly and time consuming re-platforming.

eCommerce is constantly evolving and to match the needs of retailers Magento releases periodic updates to ensure users of their systems have the latest technology powering their businesses.

For retailers this means you're always going to have the latest eCommerce technology and you're not going to be presented with a situation where you need to re-platform to take advantage of the developments in features, functionality, security or eCommerce trends.


As part of the open source ethos, Magento has created a community of developers who work to extend the standard functionality of the platform via extensions. These can be added to your store at a fraction of the cost of custom development and can often be deployed to your live site within a matter of days, instead of waiting months and missing out on the advantages they offer to you and your customers.

If you're experiencing a need for a reduction in admin time, or a feature to enhance your customers experience, then chances are you're not the first retailer to need this and quite often there is already an out the box extension which can be applied to your store for minimal cost.

Magento has a well established ecosystem of agencies, solutions partners, 3rd party integrators, forums, developers and retailers just like you who form their global community. This community helps drive the platform forward offering a range of services and resources to support users of the Magento system, meaning you and your team will have access to an enormous pool of knowledge when you need it and a voice to contribute to the overall benefit of the community.


As standard, Magento has a very high level of security and encryption to keep your business and your customers data secure. As the sophistication of malicious attackers changes constantly new security threats or vulnerabilities can be detected, Magento release immediate security patches free of charge to help keep the platform healthy and safe from any potential attacks.