Magento Enhancements

Upgraded Email Templates

Magento Customer emails are normally plain and simple. They are sent when accounts are created, for newsletter subscription, confirmation of orders and so on. In Magento Enterprise there are even more, following up orders and abandoned sales.

Plain and simple is all very well, but for maximum impact, you’ll want to take advantage of our upgraded email template, to build your brand, increase engagement and offer customized incentives. As well as special offers, why not include a message of thanks, some news, expert advice or a promotion.
With our upgraded email design, Magento emails fit your brand perfectly.


Mobile Version

The amount of people who do the majority of their browsing on mobile devices, whether that’s a smartphone while out and about or an iPad in the home, is constantly increasing at the moment.

A specialised mobile site will of been designed from the ground up to work on a smaller screen. The rules are different on a mobile platform and nowhere is this more true than with ecommerce. Customers shopping online will always be looking for a professional feel behind the online shops they visit and if (as more and more people are doing) they visit your site on a mobile device a specially designed mobile site is the perfect way to show this. As well as re-assuring your customer that your site will function on the device they’re on, the user will have a much smoother shopping experience. Rather than simply seeing your site on a smaller screen, the elements of your site will be re-positioned, re-purposed, and placed to fit the needs of someone browsing on a smaller device.


We’re offering a mobile solution for your Magento store which involves re-designing and restructuring your site to work for whatever device a user happens to revisiting from. This ensures that however a customer decides to shop they’ll get the best Navigation, loading times, site features and it will also make them feel secure shopping on a site which has been built professionally for a range of devices.





Loading speeds of your sites content is crucial when keeping your visitors engaged with your site.  In an age of mobile browsing, google optimisation,  high res photo web content etc there is more and more emphasis on why we should be looking into any solution that enhances loading times.

This is where Content Delivery Networks come in.  Typically a standard hosting setup would be a dedicated server delivering all aspects of a website – from database requests, style sheets to product imagery.  One visitor to your site would make these kinds of requests to the server just by browsing through the site.  The trouble with this, is when you consider dozens of people all on your site at the same time, they are all making multiple requests to the server at the same time.  This then starts to thinly spread server resources to each visitor – causing page speeds to dramatically drop.

In an ideal world, website owners would have two server for one site – one server that handles database requests and the other for site content files.  This however is expensive and many ecommerce store owners just staring out cannot justify this cost.  This is where CDN comes in or otherwise known as Cloud Files.  With Cloud files you allow a cloud server to store all image files and respond to image content requests.

Cloud is term loosely thrown around and was a bit of buzz word.  What cloud isnt – is a fluffy server that sits in the sky 😉

The truth is the term is not explained properly to the end user so people do not appreciate its benefits.  Essentially a cloud server is a super server with a near infinite amount of resource. This server is shared with thousands of other users that want to take advantage of the power this super server delivers .  However because the users demands for resource and power might fluctuate depending on how much traffic is coming to their site, they want to be able to take as little or as much as they need from the server with a flick of switch.  This makes cloud extremely scalable.  If you didn’t use cloud  and had a limited server – to upgrade that server you would need to take it offline and then upgrade the physical box to another physical box which takes time and more money.

So what does this all mean to you.  In a nutshell, it means we can delivery all product imagery of your site through this super server to free up the main server to focus on other requests. There are a number of providers but the market leaders in our opinion are Rackspace and Amazon.  Aside from the performance increases Cloud offers, there is a dramatic cost to be saved. If you were to find the equivalent performance using dedicated servers, you would be footing some serious hosting bills every month.

Ask us about CDN when discussing your new site or existing site with us and we can talk you through our solution to this and our success case studies.



Responsive Magento

With an ever increasing list of mobile devices and screen sizes it’s not cost effective to built specific optimised versions for all of them and respond quickly enough to changes in new devices. Responsive design allows your Magento store to automatically adjust it’s layout and resize content to show optimally on any device size, catering for the sizes of today and future proofing yourself for the sizes of tomorrow.


With mobile internet traffic set to reach the 50% mark in the next 2 – 3 years this is almost an essential for any serious retailer.







Evolved Cache

Magento is a renowned for being a resource hungry platform and a consequence if this is slower page load speeds. The Evloved Cache plugin will reduce your page load speed by up to 14 times, reduce the strain on your server and handle 40 times more requests with the same resources. With Google now placing more emphasis on page speed within the ranking algorithm, helping your Magento store to reduce page load speeds will not only help with your google ranking but you may also see a reduction in abandoned carts and an overall increase in spend and conversion. We feel this plugin combined with our CDN media delivery system provides the fastest page load speeds available for minimal cost.

Page Speed tests performed on on two identical copies of a Magento site to demonstrate the effectiveness of Evolved Cache plugin.

Without Evolved Cache 



With Evolved Cache enabled 





Order Flags

As standard Magento has a limited number of order statuses linked the the sales process, however sometimes you may wish to highlight certain order which require address verification, delayed shipping, priority dispatch or customer contact. Order flags allows you to create your own custom flags and colours so you can highlight orders requiring special attention, as well as sorting by flag type or colour to batch control actions.


Seasonal Promotions

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to spread a little cheer and offer your customers special offers or incentives. Simply getting on board with some Christmas spirit can also show to your customers that your site is up to date. If the graphics, header, or offers on your site or email campaign are of the moment and responding to current events then that shows you’re on top of your site.

A site that isn’t updated doesn’t look like it isn’t looked after, Christmas offers show that as an owner you’re paying attention to your site and also your audience. This is the other benefit to getting involved in the Christmas season.

We’re offering to work with your site and develop headers or graphics which promote offers you’d like to launch to help celebrate Christmas!


Daily Deals

With the rise of sites like Groupon or Voucher cloud, people are becoming more and more accustomed to the concept of daily deals. By offering a specific deal with a countdown you can increase sales on a particular product by pressuring people to buy quickly or miss out. It’s a great tool for kicking off a sale or for promoting some stock that isn’t selling great. The added bonus is that any interest in the offer will bring traffic to your whole site.

We’re offering an add-on to your site which will allow you to create your own daily deals for whichever products you choose. Easily configurable from the back end, you can offer deals as a famine feature on your site, or as a block on the sidebar of the site – a more subtle way of offering a big daily deal.

As well as a time limit, you can choose to display how many of a certain product are left, another reason for visitors to your site to act quickly.



Magento SEO health check and report

Search Engine Optimisation is based off of Google bots judging your sites relevance to certain terms. As Google is constantly trying to prevent people from forcing their site to the top by taking advantage of the methods they use to choose which sites sit high in the ranking, they can penalised for certain factors. These can include trying too hard to use a certain term (Over Optimisation), or by having a site that isn’t fully functioning (having links that go to 404 errors for example).

Although a small number of these kinds of errors are negligible, a lot of them can add up and really impact your sites position on Google. It’s for this reason we’re offering a SEO Health Check, Report and tune up. We’ll address a lot of the small issues on your site to hopefully move your page up the rankings on Google. This would be great if you’ve already got a good position on Google and are struggling to move the few extra places to get you where you want to be. Or if you’re looking to do a big SEO push on your site this will ensure you’re site is optimised and clean of errors before you put the time and money in to an SEO Campaign.


Facebook Page & Facebook Store

Facebook is obviously becoming key to your brands success on the net. There’s two key ways to take advantage of this on your ecommerce store. The first way is to build your facbeook page and then link your products and site with that page. This means that any product, page or promotion that is liked on your Magento Store will show up on people’s timelines so that it notifies their friends. This is modern day word of mouth marketing on a massive scale and is being taken advantage of by all the biggest brands of the moment. We’ve written a lot about integrating Facebook to your site on this page so check that out if your interested in adding a Facebook presence to your Magento Store.

The other way to take advantage of Facebook is to build a store directly on to your Facebook page. This will allow people who are visiting your page to actually buy products directly from your Facebook page. If someone finds your company through their friend liking something on Facebook, then this shortens the time between them finding out about you and getting to your store.

Whether you want to benefit your store by raising awareness of it through Facebook promotion, or if you’d like to build a store directly in to Facebook – we can help. We’re offering to improve your site with better Facebook integration, to build a fully functioning Facebook page that is in line with your brand and then gear up your site to get Likes on that page. Or we can integrate a store directly into your Facebook page.





Abandoned Cart

Sometimes customers add items to their shopping cart but then abandon the process before the checkout stage. However, sending them an email prompt can often result in these customers returning to complete their purchases. We offer an automatic service to send reminders to customers whenever carts are abandoned. With just a few moments of set-up time, you’ll have an effortless solution to dealing with abandoned sales. For politeness, our recommendation is that you set the alerts to send with a delay of a day or two. Get the automatic service set up on your Magento store and you’ll be ready to convert at least some of those abandoned sales into completed purchases.

One Step Checkout

Having your customers put off by too many checkout steps is a real concern of many ecommerce store owners. For some people what might turn in to a quick stop at an online store can quickly turn in to too much of an investment of time. Too many or too cluttered a checkout process is a leading cause of cart abandonment. In order to ensure you get the maximum sales from all potential customers, we’re offering a One Step Checkout upgrade to your site.

The add-on will reduce the checkout process from six steps to one. Customers still fill in all the required fields but they now see it all in one page. A user will get a complete view of everything they need to provide in order to complete the transaction and this alone can help increase how many people finish the process. It also simplifies and refines the process of checking out making it easier for the user to move forward.

It’s a small addition that can have a big impact on how people use your store and would hopefully result in more completed purchases.


Share Your Cart

Exclusive Plugin from Media Lounge
Why not increase your conversion rate and reduce the chances of abandoned purchases with a Share Your Cart button. It’s a call to action that will stimulate engagement, sales and publicity.

Here’s how it works:
• Place the button on the product page, or next to the checkout.
• When a customer clicks, all his/her social network friends get informed of their positive feedback on your product.
• As an incentive to click, why not offer free shipping, money off, or a percentage discount?
(Stats show that 50% of today’s online shoppers only go for products with a discount.)



Enhanced Dashboard - Magento Analytics

Magento analytics give you valuable insights into your customers’ needs, preferences and behaviour to help you enhance the service you provide.

Would you like to know which items in your product range drive the most traffic, conversions or interest? You’ll get data that’s based on real-time statistics, not wild predictions.

Pay Per Click
Want to optimize your PPC quickly and frequently? You’ll see at a glance which keywords are most effective and be ready to make revenue-enhancing changes several times a day.

Any idea which of your campaigns work the best? You’ll get the definitive answer so you can create mailings with the products and promotions that get more customers excited.

Wouldn’t it be good to reward the partners that bring you the most lucrative and committed customers? You’ll have access to that information so you can identify your most effective affiliates and keep them on side.

Do you want to know which social channels are bringing you the most business? Magento analytics will provide you with valuable data so you can single out and reward the customers and advocates who are working hardest for you.

Top Magento Plugins

Our Top 10 Performing Magento Plugins


Cookie Banner

Boring!! But law…. so are you compliant with the new EU cookie law?

Get your site EU Cookie Law compliant.


Advanced Search

Bring the power of a Google style search to your store, predictive search, miss-spellings, rank orders on products, search weights to attributes.

Results display as you type


Live Chat

This is your chance to engage with your customers through their buying experience on your store. You can also make suggestions and provide links… maybe the odd discount code!

Builds loyalty, upsells and convinces users to take action


eBay/Amazon Integration

Push your products directly to the most popular online marketplaces for instant traffic and sales.

Centralize all inventory and orders through one magento admin panel


Transactional Emails

Tailor your stores sales emails to simplify design and use blank space to promoted other offers & products

Give you customers a reason to return or recommend to other people.


Abandon Basket

Get 20% of the 75% abandoned baskets to place an order with this email follow-up feature.

Reduce abandoned baskets
by up to 25%


Review Reminder

Automatically email your customers a few days after their purchase asking to write a review about their products.

Boost your shoppers confidence with trustworthy reviews


One Step Checkout

Reduce the standard 6 checkout steps to a single step to increase conversion and speed up the checkout process.

Just a single step to complete
the checkout


Tablet Optimisation Package

Optimise your Magento store for iPad and other tablets to provide a slick and seamless shopping experience.

69% of tablet owners make a purchase on their device every month


Mobile Theme

A dedicated mobile theme for mobile browsers provides a quick and easy way to browse and purchase.

Mobiles account for 31% of
traffic in the UK

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