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Magento Hosting

Not all Magento hosting is the same, although it’s all very confusing for the consumer. We understand what’s important to the business owner and aim to cut through the jargon.

With eCommerce, we understand these needs are everything to your business and missing one of these vital ingredients could result in lost sales revenue or provide a poor experience to your customers. That’s why we’ve spent the past 10 years refining our Magento hosting service to provide the most comprehensive offering possible, specifically tailored for the Magento platform.

All our specialist Magento hosting packages are available to buy annually or via quarterly Direct Debit. We offer a reduced price for hosting paid annually as we’re able to reserve server resources for 12 months and receive a discount from the server provider.

Depending on the Magento hosting package you choose, we offer some or all of the following services:

Server response, Up time and bot monitoring
One point of contact for server or site issues
Premium security tools and monitoring
Unlimited Magento server support
Magento-tuned for fastest speeds possible
Dedicated server resources
Daily backups of your site
Testing and development environments
Cloud infrastructure for easy scaling
Performance and security monitoring
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Cloud servers

By hosting with the worlds leading server providers, Amazon AWS and Google GCE, using a Magento optimised server configuration, we're able to offer the latest cloud technology which is fully scalable to your business and has a guaranteed up time of 99.9%, the highest in the industry. Dedicated servers mean you're not pooling resources with other websites on the same system so the full server resources are solely used by your business.

Magento optimised

Magento is a very complex and resource-hungry platform which means you need to configure your server to be responsive to its requirements and to make the most out of the power the server has to deliver your eCommerce store. Our Magento hosting and server configuration has been refined over the past 10 years to help achieve page load speeds on average under 2 seconds.

Security patches

From time to time, Magento release security patches to prevent the exploitation of security vulnerabilities which may arise due to advances in technology or coding practises. New patch releases are prioritised as part of our Magento hosting service to ensure your store is always as secure as possible.

Performance & Security

Varnish or Redis cache - A cache is a web application which accelerates the delivery of your website content to your end user. Although Magento has built-in caching systems these additional caches help accelerate the delivery of content between the server and the website to increase speed between 300x - 1000x faster.

DNS - By controlling your DNS via Amazon's Route53 DNS control panel, we can improve the speed of your DNS lookups and ultimately deliver your website faster to your end user.

SSL - We offer a range of SSL certificates for your website depending on the level of security and encryption you require. We offer standard, extended validation and multi-domain SSL's which are purchased on an annual basis from a range of trusted industry-leading suppliers.

PCI-DSS - We work with a number of providers for the initial and ongoing security assessments required for various levels of PCI-DSS compliance. Please discuss these with a member of the team who will be happy to advise on our process and annual costs for the service.


New Relic - This server-side performance monitoring tool allows us to see the full website application with one single view and pinpoint any bottlenecks or elements of the website which may be slowing down the overall performance of the website. We are then able to drill down to the precise application within your store which needs to be looked at for improvements.

Cloudflare - Bot and DDOS monitoring/blocking. Sites can be targeted by friendly or malicious bots, web crawlers and DDOS attacks. This DNS, bot and DDOS monitoring/blocking application allows us to block repetitive attacks and restrict IP's from prolific offenders. The system also has its own firewall which learns from your settings to prevent future attacks.

Uptime Monitoring - We monitor your website 100% of the time and are notified immediately if for any reason your website is down. This server uptime monitoring service allows us to react instantly to any website critical issues to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.

Sendgrid SMTP

Sending emails from your website can often have deliverability problems due to the way the website masquerades as your email address. By sending your emails though a trusted SMTP server application, we can guarantee 100% deliverability of all your emails to the end recipient as part of our Magento hosting as well as a full track and trace service.