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Magento Integrations

To offer high quality Magento integrations, we partner with a number of key service providers to create complete eCommerce solutions for our clients retail businesses.  Many full eCommerce solutions require integrations with accounts systems, ERP’s supplier data feeds, warehouse and logistical system, as well a bricks and mortar technology like EPOS systems and loyalty schemes.

We provide Magento integration support across accounts, PIMs and ERPs, marketing, warehouse/dispatch management and CRM.

Our solutions and partners software act as a middleware between Magento and the most common software platforms allowing data exchange of the information you need to make your eCommerce business more automated and efficient.

ERP systems
EDI solutions
CRM solutions
Courier services
Content management systems
Inventory management tools
Email marketing tools
HR applications
WMS applications
Credit referencing services
Accounting software
Further to our integration page, below are the key solutions we frequently integrate and the providers we have extensive experience with
  • accounts
  • pims
    PIMs & ERPs
  • market
  • truck (1)
    Warehouse & Dispatch Management
  • pen


Sage 50, 200, 1000 - Real time connection between Magento and Sage allowing the processing of orders to be centralised in Sage. All orders and accounts information can be shared between the two platforms and Sage can also manage your stock, product information, customer specific pricing and order dispatch process with courier integration. This synchronisation can be timed to operate at your chosen interval from 15 minutes upwards. Our Sage solutions are priced per task via Task Centre to ensure you’re only paying for the data transfers you need.

SAP Business One - Real time connection between Magento and SAP Business One via Task Centre, allowing the processing of orders to be centralised in SAP. All orders and accounts information can be shared between the two platforms and SAP can also manage your stock, product information, customer specific pricing and order dispatch process with courier integration. SAP can provide your business with everything from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing. This synchronisation can be timed to operate at your chosen interval from 15 minutes upwards. SAP Business One delivers a comprehensive range of functionality providing all of the tools required to run a growing business.

Xero - Automatically synchronise orders and accounts information between Xero and Magento. Ability to sync all orders into a single transaction account, reducing the number of customers created. This connection has the ability to separate transactions by currency and store view, as well as placing all orders and refunds in specific account codes in Xero. Xero can control stock as well as other purchasing and procurement processes which can then be shared with Magento and kept in sync every 15 minutes. Reduce manual accounts processing and improve efficiency.


Linnworks - Full order management software to integrate with all your sales channels including Magento, Amazon, Ebay and more. Centrally process all orders and manage all product information, prices, sales reports and stock from one system to reduce your admin time. Linnworks synchronise your stock levels across all sales channels meaning you’ll never over sell. Linnworks also integrates with the most popular accounts and courier software as well as having a built in rules engine to provide a total business solution for the SME market.

M2E - Manage all your marketplace listings directly from your Magento admin panel. All data is stored in your Magento database meaning no additional cloud based solutions or software. All stock, product information and orders are centrally managed in Magento meaning your team have one location for all administration. M2E regularly communicates with your marketplaces ensuring synchronicity at all times. Create custom listing templates, multi language variations and control prices for each marketplace independently.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav - A fully scalable and adaptable enterprise ERP solution built to support small and medium sized businesses to automate their internal processes. Capable of handling all sales, accounts, purchasing, stock management, CRM, and warehouse management across multiple locations, currencies and languages. All data between your in store and online sales channels can be synchronised with Task Centre, where you’re only charged for the tasks you use ensuring efficient internal processes and running costs.

Orderwise - Save time and reduce your costs with a fully integrated ERP system, allowing you to take control of your business and internal operations. Easily integrated with Sage or Quickbooks, as well as the most popular market places such as Amazon & Ebay, this software provides total visibility across all your sales channels, stock, internal order processing and reporting. Built to perform warehouse tasks more efficiently and with less staff, streamlining your existing business operations.

Bright Pearl - Originally built for Magento this solution delivers your businesses online sales, in store sales, inventory, purchasing, CRM, warehouse managemtn, dispatch process and accounts data in a single system. Ideally suited for the SME market allowing inventory management and accounting software across multiple sales channels, marketplaces and physical location for today’s omnichannel retailers, this software is proven to increase revenue, improve efficiency, improve workflows and save on staffing costs.


We offer a range of eCommerce Marketing Services including:

Dotdigital - As a Magento premier technology partner, this marketing automation software integrates fully within your Magento admin panel, allowing you to send personalised and optimised messages to your customers, visitors and subscribers. Build powerful automated rules and campaign cycles without any coding, segment customers into campaigns and integrate with your existing reviews services like Feefo or on-site personalisation engines like Nosto. This marketing solution is focused on delivering increased revenue, customer loyalty and communication.

MailChimp - Send targeted email campaigns to your customer, automate helpful product follow ups and market to abandoned carts to help boost your revenue. Mailchimp’s simple to use platform provides insights on your customers and their purchasing habits, allows for customer segmentation and provides you with the ability to create, edit and send bespoke designed email communications. You can also extend the standard functionality with a range of apps such as Sales Force, Facebook and Twitter.

Nosto - Provide your customers with a truly personalised shopping experience based on your customers behaviour and deliver real-time recommendations to drive revenue and improve the user experience through Magento. Nosto’s suite of tools includes product recommendations, behavioural pop-ups, personalised emails which can be linked with DotMailer and personalised Facebook ads. Nosto’s performance and sales based pricing model, with not setup cost and no fixed fees, ensures you only pay for their services when you’ve have generated additional sales revenue for your business. This intelligent software learns the likes and dislikes of your customers and visitors to ensure they’re seeing the products most relevant to them.

Warehouse & Dispatch Management

ERP - Our native Magento ERP solution provides you with full control over all stock, purchasing, warehouse management, multiple warehousing, dispatch processes and courier booking via one fully integrated system. This premier ERP solution will also allow you to dropship products from chosen suppliers, whilst managing and tracking all sales and stock movements. Built into your Magento admin panel you’ll have full control over all your internal processes and we can further customise this solution to suit your specific business needs.

iFulfilment - We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading fulfilment companies i-Fulfilment to provide our clients with total autonomy. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs on warehousing and staff costs, or simply streamline your business to be more automated and efficient, i-Fulfilment provide a global fulfilment solution with warehouses in the UK, EU, US and China. Once integrated into Magento all order information is sent directly to your chosen fulfilment centre and dispatched based on the rules you choose for courier choices and picking/packing instructions. This solutions is suitable for businesses of all sizes and product ranges.

Shiptheory - Automatically book and print your courier labels in seconds. This industry leading software is integrated into your Magento solution and allows you to book your consignments with a range of UK based couriers including DHL, DPD, APC, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, TNT and many more. The rules engine in Shiptheory will then decide which courier to place your consignment with and on which service, all labels are then automatically printed directly in your warehouse ready for dispatch. Magento is automatically updated with the tracking details and customers are notified of their shipments being dispatched.


Sugar - Quickly and easily customise you business process and use this CRM system to improve your customer communication. Monitor your customer journey, manage leads and prospects, improve your customer support and report on your key metrics. Once integrated with your Magento solution this powerful CRM will help you track and monitor your customers, sales and processes to improve the overall relationship. Managed through our Task Centre software you will be in full control of what data is shared between the two systems.

Sales Force - The world’s leading CRM software which provides businesses with the full control over marketing, sales, customer services and business analysis. This is a cloud based solution requires no hardware or maintenance, and through our Task Centre software it can be directly integrated with your Magento solution to transfer all required data between the two systems. Sales Force can also help with internal support, tasks and internal collaboration between teams helping you scale and become more efficient.