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A Flash website is often the platform of choice if you’re a business looking to display a brochure online or you simply want a high impact site which is easy to manage.  Flash can convey your products and services in a simple to navigate and highly illustrated way, with little or no restrictions on design, functionality or animation.  Our flash websites are all about the “wow factor”, creating a lasting impression with your visitors and encouraging interaction with enjoyable features and animated rollovers.  A Flash website can also be a great landing page guiding visitors through to your main website, helping to describe or illustrate a function or service which might be difficult to explain with words.

At Media Lounge we also offer our own CMS functionality, giving you the ability to update content such as images and text, link to vouchers or PDF information sheets and linking to media files such as MP3 or MP4.  This CMS system is ideal if this is your first online venture, it requires no previous website experience, no website code and all editing is done with a simple word like editor. If you are wanting to start a small online shop this CMS system is capable of supporting up to 20 products with a simple PayPal shopping feature, again giving you total control over product images, descriptions and selling price.  All transactions are conducted through PayPal, you’ll receive notifications when something is sold and customers receive an invoice to confirm their order.

If you are looking to start your first online venture, for information, services or a limited online shop then why not get in touch to discuss one of our bespoke Flash websites.


Online shopping websites built using the award winning and industry leading Magento ecommerce software.
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Websites designed to entice visitors and encourage a call to action such as an email or phone call.
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Reach a growing audience of mobile shoppers with a store built specifically for smartphone platforms.
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google + can be part of a crucial strategy to increasing brand/product awareness and driving relevant traffic to your website.
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