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Media Lounge create a number of Magento themes each year that can be used by businesses that are not yet ready undertake a fully bespoke store but want a template to use as a starting point. Before your website even gets to the design stage, the ‘Media Lounge’ team will plan a wireframe to outline your websites architecture, we’ll research and discuss what the key design led features will be, and we’ll have put together a blueprint for a functional navigation system aimed at giving the user an enjoyable browsing experience. All this is done with the underlying goal of converting visitors to sales or enquiries.  Many of the design led stages have a dramatic effect on the site functionality which is why we break this down in to 3 key stages:

1: Wireframe
The wireframe is not there to dazzle you with graphics and design but more to form the blueprint of your website.  The wireframe helps us give structure to the page and plan for key features, that we feel will become most impactful to new visitors.  As a client you have the option to get involved at this stage or leave our creative juices to flow.

2: Home page visual
The home page of any website tends to set the tone for the rest of the site and most customers can see their online vision come alive when we present the first visuals to them.  Your home page will obviously adopt your chosen logo but will also be crammed full of our “creative genius” (if we don’t say so ourselves) to provide functionality and the all important WOW factor.

3: Remaining pages
Once the home page is agreed, we can move on to the visuals of the remaining pages.  We’ll create a visual of each remaining unique page, this will adopt the same theme and style from the home page so your website remains consistent throughout but with every page we will pay particular attention to it’s purpose ensuring the visitor receives the information or message you’re trying to portray.

Throughout every step of the design and programming process we will only proceed to the next step once we have received your full approval.


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Websites designed to entice visitors and encourage a call to action such as an email or phone call.
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Reach a growing audience of mobile shoppers with a store built specifically for smartphone platforms.
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google + can be part of a crucial strategy to increasing brand/product awareness and driving relevant traffic to your website.
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