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  • £56bn spent online in the UK in 2010
  • We have designed and built in excess of 50 ecommerce sites
  • Our portfolio of ecommerce sites include websites with digital downloads, multi currency, social media integration.
  • We develop our ecommerce sites using Magento
  • Our sites have generated a turnover in excess of £13million

At Media Lounge we have a huge depth of experience in ecommerce, not just as designers and developers but also as consumers and as ecommerce website owners ourselves. We don’t simply design and build ecommerce websites that look nice, we are committed to creating successful ecommerce websites that return on their investment quickly and that help streamline your back office. We help establish your online ambitions, we put together a long-term online strategy and we create ecommerce websites that we ensure achieve these ambitions.

Online shopping, or ecommerce, is now easier, quicker and safer than ever before. In the UK last year 42.6% of consumers bought something online at least once a week and the average online spend per shopper was £71 per month. It’s anticipated that in the UK alone online sales will grow by 110% in the next decade, reaching £123bn by 2020. Despite this enormous market, the vast majority of ecommerce websites severely underachieve, they don’t get enough traffic and they don’t make the most of the traffic they do get. At Media Lounge we work to ensure that your website isn’t one of these.

One of the great things about the internet, especially with ecommerce, is that everything is quantifiable. What is your website tuning over? How many visitors do you get? How are these visitors finding you? What percentage of these visitors are making a purchase and what’s their average spend? These are just a few of the things that we focus on when we create an ecommerce website.

What most web design companies wont tell you is that on the average ecommerce website only 0.2% of visitors actually make a purchase, which means the average ecommerce site will need 500 visitors just to make a sale. Websites that have been designed and built by Media Lounge have an average conversion rate of over 6% with some running at over 14%. Put simply, on average, our customer’s websites only need to attract 16 visitors before they make a sale.

There is no shortage of Web design companies offering an “ecommerce package” as part of their services. However, consumers behave very differently when visiting a website with the intention of making a purchase, than they do when they are simply visiting a website to find the answer to a question or to research information. If you contributed to the £56bn spent online in the UK last year, you can probably relate to having visited several websites before deciding upon which site you will make your purchase from. Price will have undoubtedly played a part in your decision making but for over 45% of internet shoppers price isn’t the major influence when deciding which website to make their purchase. This is what makes Media Lounge different, we understand the psychology of internet shoppers and we use this knowledge to ensure it’s your website that a visitor decides to make their purchase from.


Online shopping websites built using the award winning and industry leading Magento ecommerce software.
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CMS Website

Websites designed to entice visitors and encourage a call to action such as an email or phone call.
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Mobile Commerce

Reach a growing audience of mobile shoppers with a store built specifically for smartphone platforms.
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Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google + can be part of a crucial strategy to increasing brand/product awareness and driving relevant traffic to your website.
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