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Google offer new and existing websites the opportunity to appear top of their search results for the keywords, search terms, of their choice through Google’s advertising platform “Adwords”. What does this all mean…. well if you are new to pay-per-click advertising, then our guide below will hopefully provide you with an insight to this online advertising platform and help you avoid some of the pitfalls.


The Hardest Lesson:

Throughout all the advice and information on this page, this is probably the hardest lesson and should always be in the back of your mind when using Adwords. “It is Google’s ambition to spend as much of your money as quickly as possible”. Advertisers new to this platform often make minor mistakes with their advertising campaigns which end up costing them more, with little results, than it would to have the campaign professionally set up in the first place. Google Adwords is a great online advertising tool, and if set up correctly you can see massive returns on your advertising investment, but set up incorrectly however will leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth and feeling like you’ve just lost money at the casino roulette table!


What is a keyword:

If you sell kitchen utensils, then you might want visitors to Google typing “kitchen knives” to see your advert and click through to your site. This means for your business “kitchen knives” would be one of your keyword. The clever thing with this form of advertising is it also allows you to target keywords which might be indirectly associated with your business as well, so visitors searching for “fitted kitchens” might also benefit from seeing your advert and your products.


How does it work:

With Google search results you have two main types of listing, natural and paid. Natural listings are those websites who’s content is focused on the the search word entered, sites who have referring links and sites who have a long standing online presence. These natural listings appear on all results pages and generally appear in position 3 – 12 on each page. If you would like help appearing in these natural positions then our search engine optimisation packages will help your business achieve these results with a guaranteed outcome. Paid listings, Adwords, will normally take the first 2 – 3 positions on each search page and all the separate listings to the right hand side of the natural results. Your campaign will be designed to make your website link and description appear for the keywords you want to associate with your business, you are then only charged when a visitor to Google searching your keyword clicks on the link and visits your site. As an advertiser you are only charged a fee per click which will vary dramatically depending on your industry and the competitiveness of the word you are targeting.

Who does Adwords work best for:

We find this style of online advertising works best for industries who can quantify the results, such as online shops or businesses who are able to gain enquiries or sales for their products or services. Adwords allows you to target countries, or even specific areas, so if you are a service supplier but you can only serve clients within a 30 mile radius from your premises, Adwords will allow you to target this area and your advert will only be shown to people in this area searching your keywords.


With a low cost set up and immediate results, why not get in touch and start benefiting from Adwords today.


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