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What it is

Social media has grown to become one of the most important and cost effective methods of driving visitors to your website and engaging with your target audiences.

  • Facebook now has more than 500 million active global users
  • Facebook now accounts for 20% of all time spent online in the UK
  • Facebook is the second most visited website in the UK after Google
  • YouTube is the second most searched website in the UK, after Google
  • In the UK 12.9% of the population use Twitter
  • Facebook is the third most visited site by users 65 and older

Given their monumental popularity; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog’s and all the other social media sites present great opportunities for business to reach out to wider audiences but for many it can be unclear on how to use social media effectively.

In reality it’s easy to sign up and get started on most social media sites but without proper planning and an effective strategy use of social media can not just be ineffective but even end up having a negative impact on your business. If you’re one of the 250 million people that use Facebook on a daily basis then you’ll probably be familiar with at least one of the huge number of business or brands that have a Facebook page with a half a dozen “likes”. Or if you’re part of the 12.9% of the UK using Twitter then you’ll have no doubt seen businesses thanklessly “tweeting” to a handful of “followers”.

What we do

At Media Lounge we specialise in developing and implementing social media strategies that help business strengthen their brands and interact with their customer. Our team conceptualises, designs and develops targeted social campaigns. From concept to completion, our team will work with you on branding, designing, developing and marketing your social identity.

Some businesses employ us to deliver their social media strategies, for others we simply help plan your social media strategy then train you and your staff on how to implement it.

For the slightly larger budget, our social media services include creating social media strategies and executing them on your behalf.

How we do it

It starts with consultations with your team, working out what objectives you wish to achieve and how we can leverage your brand values through social media.

Then we create a plan and strategies to achieve those aims. We research the best social media platforms e.g. where you customers will be socially, and then build your profile and set out daily or weekly activities. These activities may be information delivery, link building, or simply promoting your brand or building followers and a community for your business.

If you want to execute your own social media presence then employing our social media strategy service is a great place to start.

This service is designed to use your existing skills and business knowledge in partnership with our social media planning and social media training.

We work with you to devise a plan and then offer you options on how best to move forward. This may include training, integrating your website with social platforms like Facebook, and structuring content to help deliver effective content.

Implementing Social Media in to your site

Beyond simply having a presence on the key Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we build integration straight into your Magento site. There’s a number of features available which can take the incorporation of social networking on your ecommerce store beyond just a ‘Like’ Button.

One of the best ways to get people engaged is to make sharing and liking content an effortless process. For example on, we have links to Facebook and twitter throughout the whole site but most importantly on a product page. These links result directly in a like on the Treadz Facebook pages well as an update to all of that persons friends on Facebook featuring the product they liked. The impact of this kind of activity is massive.

Growing your audience

It’s just as effective to do this across other networks such as Twitter. By incorporating a simple share button we can have customers sharing a pre written message with all of their followers. These buttons link with people’s own social media accounts and so, with their permission, speak to their network about your product. This mass communication is so crucial for a Magento ecommerce store as one person using Facebook or twitter to share a product becomes a word of mouth recommendation to all of their friends. You can configure messages for Twitter or Facebook to share general information about your Magento site, or you can incorporate information about a particular product so that the customer updates their network with a message of your choosing.

Making it Work for you

Considering how valuable and cost effective it is to you have your customers interact with your ecommerce store using social networking it can be worth adding incentives to do so.

There are lots of options when integrating incentives to your Magento store and we would work together with you on coming up with the best options for your audience. Different markets will be motivated by different offers and it’s important to consider this. On previous sites we’ve implemented a discount just for sharing what you’re about to buy. This gives the customer a tangible reason to share your site with their friends and also benefits them by giving them a discount on what they’re about to buy. We implement these offers straight in to the checkout of your site making sharing and taking advantages of offers an effortless part of the buying process. This obviously means more people are likely to take advantage of it, meaning more cost effective marketing for your ecommerce store.

If you are interested in selling direct from Facebook , we offer a service where we can create a standalone Facebook store or a one that communicates with a Magento store to keep products and orders updated from one source.  Click here for more information


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