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Mr Lee’s Noodles

Mr Lee’s Noodles

Mr Lee’s Noodles work to provide gourmet noodles as a healthy alternative to the vast array of naughty lunchtime food options. Their noodles are made with the finest ingredients, certified low in sugar and gluten-free, with absolutely no nasties – a must-try!

The Brief:

The client came to us in need of a brand new Magento 2 store to showcase their wonderful range of healthy noodles as well as a temporary loan store. The idea was that the loan store would be a quick fix to their current troubled site while the bigger task of building a beautiful Magento 2 store was in progress. 

So we come to you with phase one… the Mr Lee’s Noodles loan store! 

Simplistic in design, much like the last, we turned the loan store around in just 9 weeks thanks to some exceptional work from our design and development teams. The store is vibrant and fun, which represents the look and feel of the old site but with improved usability functions. The store was built with the ability to launch into other international markets – this started with Australia just a week after launch and the US to come in the near future!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a shiny, new Magento 2 store is in progress and due to be on Google’s shelf early next year.

Watch. This. Space!

A word from our project manager...
It's an absolute pleasure to be working with Mr Lee's Noodles and we're looking forward to forging a great relationship in the future.

Although this is only a temporary site (whilst we work on a new site) the loan Magento 2 site provides Mr Lee's Noodles with so much more potential to expand on their current online offering, between now and the new site launch next year.

Dan, Project Manager
Mr Lee’s Noodles iPad Preview
Simplistic, Vibrant and fun