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As industries progress you start to see things getting more complicated. Whenever you’re new to something and you don’t know what you need there’s a tendency to over-complicate; To keep adding and introducing features or graphic touches wherever you see a gap in a bid to enhance the outcome.

Execution from experience takes a different route though.

It’s clean, sharp and only delivers what is necessary. We’re seeing this trend throughout all design at the moment, for example, the new iOS7 interface. The shines, leather textures and animations are all gone. What remains is a flat, sharp, highly functional design which displays content cleanly and allows the user to navigate freely.

This is our approach, all of our experience doesn’t mean a never-ending supply of bells and whistles to add onto your site. Instead, you get a pin point solution to maximise effectiveness. Now this doesn’t mean we only design minimal sites, but it does mean that the designs and features we create are nothing more than the key elements that you need to maximise the impact of your business’s website. As a result, customers see a very confident and focused representation of your brand, one which allows them easily to see the core offering of your business.



With life in general, we place more trust in the hands of the experienced, or that of those who are happy to show achieved targets and consistent performance results. Our statistics speak for themselves, but our clients will echo our words and share their experiences. Why not ask them?




First impressions count for a lot when customers are making a decision as to whether they should buy into your services or products. Take for example our site, we are selling web design as a service, and despite all the praise we give ourselves, this would all be dismissed if our site didn’t look good and work well.

Something overlooked is that design is just about aesthetics, it’s not. Design is considering how the end user will respond to your website. If the user Interface and user experience is not considered this will result in a poor conversion rate for your site despite it looking wonderful. Often, we are commissioned to re-design a website because the client has suffered from poor conversion rates. Sites are generally designed badly because the original designers might be from a print design background trying to break into web design or by the designer being limited to what can be acheived by their developers. 

Our senior designers have been involved with designing for the web since 1994 when the web started to become more main stream. Within the 20 years of experience, a designer will go through a journey where they will learn and understand why some sites are more successful than others and know certain formulas for reaching a successful site design. Equally as important, our designers can design with confidence knowing our developers will forfill the designers requirements.


Front end Development – Java script, CSS and Html

With life in general we place more trust in the hands of the experienced, or that of those who are happy to show achieved targets and consistent performance results.  Our statistics speak for themselves, but our clients will echo our words and share their experiences, why not ask them?



We have been involved with Magento since version 1.2 in 2008. Our expertise has evolved as Magento has. There are many good practices that can be adopted when working with a platform such as this. We take pride in not just how our sites look on the outside but how tidy they are from a code point of view. All this helps the end user and customer as it means the site loads faster and when upgrades or plugins need to be added, there is much higher probability it will work first time. In addition to this, it means we work much faster because were not fighting fires resolving conflicts in code.


Ecommerce marketing

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to online marketing. With the multitude of ecommerce sites we have built, we have also been involved with all forms of marketing to boost sales. In the offline world, marketing can be hard to quantify.  However, with online marketing the majority of traffic is traceable making it much more of an exact science when determining the return on investment in your activity. We measure impact not only on an increase in traffic but more importanly on increases in sales conversion rates.



One of the things that attracted us to Magento back in 2008 was that it was an open-source platform that had a large developers community. As you will be aware, there are a host of channels from which you can sell through. Your ecommerce site might just be one channel, but you might also have a large proportion of your sales coming through Amazon and eBay to name a few combined with a logistic company such as Yodel handling fulfilment. We appreciate that your site is only one part the equation for you and that not only do you have these external services, you need them all to be in sync with each other. Our aim has been to develop websites that become a central hub to these other services, which in turn will make your online business run more efficently.


Support and training

This is one of the most cruical parts to launching and maintaning an ecommerce site that has the scope to reach an expectation in sales. We have dedicated years to refine our support and training methods to provide our customers with technical knowledge to run their stores after hand over. The success of an ecommerce site is not just dependant on how it is built but how the store is run. Our goal is ensuring success of our customers sites post live – with our highly considered training and support service, we have seen many online store success stories – some of which we have the pleasure of sharing within our testimonials.




£40 792 351
Live Revenue Counter from our developed Magento sites



We appointed Medial Lounge to design and build an eCommerce site for us, in addition to creating a style to complement our logo.

We found the design process really efficient and were delighted with the creative presented, in the most part, at first visual stage. In my experience this is quite rare. They understood our requirements and guided us on the most appropriate Magento build for our needs, in addition to offering recommendations on design tweaks we could make to increase click throughs and conversion rates.

We are a marketplace so the build was particularly complex and because of this, we did encounter delays along the way. These were generally out of Media Lounge’s control, but they were dealt with promptly and professionally, especially as they were required to liaise with and mange a number of third party plugin developers. We agreed a fixed rate and this was honoured despite encountering additional complexities.

They have a friendly but professional working style, and are clearly passionate about what they do. Being a relatively small team, we have always found them responsive. My Account Manager is Adam King, and whilst we don’t always tell him, we really enjoy working with him and actually see him as an extension of the Unusual Gift Company team! We would definitely recommend using Media Lounge and we continue to use them for ongoing development and maintenance which for me, says it all.


Belinda Hathway - Unusual Gift Company

It was obvious from the first conversation that Media Lounge are very professional in an understated, cool way. Their immediate understanding of our needs has translated into a great ecommerce site built for ease of use in a complex multi-geography, multi-device technology era. The team are fun to work with but never forget it is business as calls are always returned, pricing is both reasonable & transparent, and development work is promptly produced. If you need a website built by all-round good guys with very high standards and service levels then we thoroughly recommend you try Media Lounge.


Jackie Smethurst - Green and Easy

We have been using the services of Media Lounge on a regular basis for the past years and we have always been delighted. From the very beginning Andy and his team have always delivered great quality work on time and they have always surprised us with their programming skills and their creativity.

Thanks to them we have managed to launch a great e-commerce platform via Magento which has considerably boost our sales. The site also received an award as one of the best custom made Magento website.

Their work was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which they accomplished our goal. I strongly recommend this design and programming company to anyone who wants to launch an e-commerce website or a simple WordPress site.


David Coenca - Treadz

“As a brand new store starting out in a highly competitive sector we needed a development partner that could understand our singular vision and translate that into a website offering design impact and excellent user experience. Media Lounge have always delivered and have often exceeded our expectations.

Our brand partners have all been hugely impressed with quality of our site. Account management and technical support from Media Lounge has been highly responsive and flexible and we continue to work with them as valued members of our supplier team.”


Saul Freeman - Eve Made A Wish

“From start to finish Media Lounge made having a new website designed seem so easy.  The finished article was absolutely amazing too.  I couldn’t be happier with their work.  All this from a company that are also very approachable and friendly.  I can’t recommend them highly enough


Simon Ward - Mr Green Estate Agents
“Adam and the team at Media Lounge have exceeded all of our expectations. Not only have we have acquired some impressive websites which easily rival some big name companies, the team at Media Lounge understand that we are not all experts in web design and we therefore aren’t all fluent in tech IT talk; the time they take to explain things in English is extremely valued.
Media Lounge specialise in Magento only, which we have found to be far superior to other systems we have used in the past. The functionality of the Magento system is fairly uncomplicated to start with, but the team at Media Lounge are always more than willing to help with any query, however big or small.
The continued support offered by Media Lounge is very refreshing after spending a lot of money with them. You certainly get what you pay for, and with Media Lounge that is, a great looking website, an easy to use system and continued support from a very knowledgeable team of people.”
Anthony Briant - Bar Stools



We are definitely a company that finds time to enjoy are ourselves at work. A lot of the time, the best ideas come to us when we are not starring desperately at a screen in hope for inspiration. We also believe that a less stressful environment is a breeding ground for creativity 🙂


Long gone are the days when location was vital in allowing clients and agencies to work together closely. When online, communication isn’t hindered by distance.

Despite all this, at Media Lounge we have old fashioned values. We still see the importance in meeting our clients and having a face to face conversation to kick off new projects. From a clients’ perspective, when embarking on a project with a new agency, they will have comfort knowing they have met us in person, visited the studio in which we operate from and that our skill-sets all come from our in house team.

Personality counts for a lot and we feel people don’t choose to work with us just because we have the technical ability to deliver their project, but because they’ve seen from meeting us that we share the same passion for our work as you do about your business.


The beauty of our location is we do not pay the expensive rates agencies in London pay for their premises which often gets passed on to the client through their higher build costs and hourly rates. Above all else, if you fancy a day out of the office, Bournemouth has got to be one of the nicer parts of England to visit.

Of all our company values, communication is one we regard as being the most important which should remain constant no matter our physical locations. Good communication is not about having iPhones, iPads, dozens of emails addresses and a support ticketing system, it’s something that needs to be inherent in the companies working practices before the technology comes along. Technology will not make poor communicators any more efficient, it will just highlight the cracks even more. We believe good, frequent communication tells our clients so much about us and is something we take a lot of pride in, even as we continue to improve our efforts.

All of this means whether we’re on your door step or on the other side of England, we still deliver a service that has gained us the wonderful reputation we have today.

Building for the furture


Modern web design and development is not about making the best possible website on the computer you build it on. Web design is about consideration for the majority of devices and browsers available so that the site is accessible, functional and looks fantastic for the majority of users. Obviously, any company can build sites to cater for todays devices and browsers, but how do they prepare for the future without being costly for the customer?

We have invested countless hours working on solutions that we can offer to our customers that look at future proofing their sites and making their sites as accessible as possible whilst taking advantage of modern browser capabilities.

Perhaps to demonstrate a site we believe addresses these requirements – take a look at www.ivygate.co.uk. We have produced a site that works across all mobile devices, tablets and desktops whilst being managed by only one site administrator control panel. Ultimately, this means the content is updated only once and it changes on all devices.  More importantly the site re-uses content so that search engines such as Google are not looking at duplications of content in the same site.

The goal with producing a site in this way is accessibility. An accessible site means every person that goes to your site is presented with the information you want them to see in the format you want them to see it in. If we achieve this then we increase the probability of the visitor converting to one that is willing to buy exponentially.

Building a site for the future means building with a high technical consideration that looks far broader than the tablets, smart phones and desktops that are in front of us today.

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