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The optimisation of any website nowadays is absolutely crucial. In today’s competitive market, the traditional approach of ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t work – you need to actively promote your business online. Optimising your eCommerce site to attract more customers and convert browsers into buyers can be a simple way to boost sales.

Ongoing eCommerce optimisation also provides significant opportunities to convert more visitors into customers with the same volume of traffic. Whilst increasing traffic is also important, getting those visitors that make it to your site to make a purchase is crucial. This scientific approach provides greater user experiences which leads to more sales, better advertising ROI’s, better Google search results and ultimately happier customers.

Our eCommerce optimisation services include Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), User Experience (UX) and Site Speed & Performance.

You may be familiar with terms such as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and UX (User Experience), but why are they so valuable and how can we apply them to your business? We break down eCommerce optimisation down into 3 key areas:

  • conversion
  • click
  • meter
    Site Speed & Performance


Effectively making more money with the same number of visitors. Deploying a CRO strategy microanalyses every step of your eCommerce process, making incremental tweaks and refinements, encouraging customers to move forward to the next stage of the buying process.

This all starts with gathering and mining your current visitor data, then understanding where in your process improvements can be made to your natural customer journey. This is applied to high value pages first with greater benefit and conversion gain, but later applied to lower value pages to ensure the full sales process is at it’s optimum performance level.

Benchmarking - Our ongoing CRO service starts by creating a clear benchmarking document to record the current conversion rates at each step. This also allows us to monitor and report on the impact of each action we refine in the future.

Data Discovery - Essential to understanding your target audience, researching your competitors, gathering data on technology usage and pinpointing where in your sales process needs optimisation. This research is normally conducted using your current analytics data and our session replay tools.

Action Plan - Create a prioritised action plan, agreeing on the areas to address first which would have the most significant financial impact and implementing a robust A/B testing process with real live results to prove each conversion concept before adoption. This action plan will also show both benchmarking and improvement data over an agreed period so you can tack and monitor the results.

Execution & Maintenance - The initial implementation of these refinements will have the biggest impact, however it’s proven that maintenance to this process over time not only ensures your maximising your visitor revenue potential, but also making minor changes which accumulated over time, adding up to big conversion rate gains.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our pay monthly bolt-on CRO service plans, which can be applied to any Magento store.


By offering a user-centric, smooth user experience throughout your sales process, you improve the chances of customers completing a purchase on their first visit. This technique can also be applied to other areas of your site including content and information based pages.

It’s important to understand that visitors have different requirements and browsing habits for mobile and desktop, as well as different needs at different times in the buying process. Gaining an in-depth understanding of your target audience and creating an ongoing user research plan is vital in proving a solution for a more effective user experience. Our user focused team understand that a greater UX leads to better engagement, better marketing ROI’s and more sales.

Our UX team can create a real life look-a-like audiences of 10 - 50 people within your target demographic to capture first time user experiences and feedback. This audience have a preset list of instructions or tasks to complete around the key areas for refinement. This testing data can then be analysed to create a robust UX action plan and further live A/B testing.

Our focus throughout insures the visitor has the best possible experience of your business on any browser, on any device, before, during and after the visit or sale. To achieve this we need to research, test and refine the following areas:

Tech & Functionality
Browser testing - Conversion rates per browser, cross browser compatibility issues and maintenance of new browser releases
Devices - Different testing processes for desktop and mobile
Rich Snippets - Better search results with data highlighted for Google to index and show in search index
Splash pages - Removing these from key pages such as the home page and consider high engagement exit blockers
Advanced search - Auto complete, miss spellings, avoiding zero result returns
Simple forms - Less data collection, features like postcode look up to reduce time and data entry at the checkout
Payment options - Offer variety to include Payapal, Amazon Pay, Apple pay and debit/credit cards
Personalisation - Present the visitor with personalised recommendations based on their browsing history and previous visits or purchases
Remarketing - Abandoned basket, social media and Adwords remarketing are all ways to entice visitors back to your store

Content & Language
Written language - Using second person tense, are you explaining what you do well enough
International Language - Are you catering for other language speakers and offering a simple conversion tool
Value proposition - Why should they buy from you, do you promote your benefits prominently enough
Hidden costs - Are shipping costs, returns costs clear enough and would free shipping & returns or better shipping options improve sales revenue
Image sliders - Are multiple images seen and are they helping or hindering conversion
Key info - Is this above the fold on product and other important pages
Colour - Through A/B testing can colour can make a difference to key calls to action
Calls to action - Are these lazy, badly worded or out of touch with your audience
Promotions - Are timed discounts or first time visitor discounts being used to gain long term loyal customers
Pictures - Are these clear, well presented and provide all angles of the product
Navigation and filters - Can visitors refine to see relevant products quickly and easily on all devices
Checkout - Reduced number of steps at checkout? Is it better to have clear checkout stages?
Email - Are we collecting email at every opportunity and ensuring these fields are early in forms or data collection popups
Variable data - Are you using enough variable data to show your users you understand where they are geographically - i.e. relevant tax rates, local courier names, public holiday acknowledgment like Thanks Giving
Video - Are you making the best use video to sell your brand and products, or to explain complicated processes
Other features - Do we remove any features that don’t serve a clear business or user need

After Sales
Thank you page - Are we giving the visitor the option to share their purchase or your brand socially, are we making the most of up-selling/cross-selling other products
Drip marketing - General news updates to keep engagement
Email marketing - Normally provides the best ROI and have already purchased so want to hear from your brand with new products or promotions
Customer segmentation - Ensure customers are receiving highly targeted and personalised emails through Dotmailer or Mailchimp
Exit surveys - Asking customers for their user experience feedback may point to areas that need addressing
Data Analysis - Working alongside CRO data and processes, ensuring changes are optimise for revenue

It’s proven that maintenance to this UX journey over time not only ensures your visitors have the best possible experience of your business, but are also encouraged to increase engagement, total order value and loyalty. Well executed incremental changes to your process over time all add up to more revenue and happier customers.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our pay monthly bolt-on UX service plans, which can be applied to any Magento store.

Site Speed & Performance

Site speed, page speed and performance, no matter how it’s measured, simply means that with a faster page you can expect to rank better on Google and convert more visitors into paying customers.

So keeping Google happy is one consideration, but having faster loading pages will improve your user experience, reduce bounce rate, increase the average time a visitor spends on your store and improve conversion rates. All positive.

Various aspects can effect your site speed & performance over time and a good score today doesn’t necessarily mean you’re set. Google may change the goal posts or content added to your site over time might effect the delivery of your store to the end visitor, so the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of this key area is essential.

Your server has a big role to play in the speed in which your content is delivered, so having a Magento optimised server stack with good dedicated cloud resources is one necessity. It’s also important to monitor and manage the following performance-related aspects:

• Site compression and the size of your coded files
• Optimising your code, removing unused code, removing comments and unnecessary characters
• Reducing the number for redirects for the initial page load
• Ensuring all images added to the site are optimised for web and of good quality but low file size
• Making sure CSS sprite sheets for buttons and icons are used and optimised
• Making optimum use of the browser caching available for returning visitors
• Ensuring browser cache expiry is set effectively
• Improving server responses like routing, inadequate memory or slow database queries
• Use of CDN (Content distribution networks) to ensure consistent delivery over multiple geographical areas
• Monitoring of resources such as 3rd party integrated services and bots or crawlers

We have various hosting plans for Magento stores available on our Hosting page.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our pay monthly bolt-on Performance service plans, which can be applied to any Magento store.