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Paid Search & Adwords

eCommerce paid search has grown to be undeniably important since Adwords was launched back in 2000. Nearly two-thirds of all clicks for keywords with a high commercial intent will now go to sponsored results. This makes paid search marketing for eCommerce a brilliant resource for any online business looking for quick, measurable results.

Our paid search experience tells us that PPC works perfectly for businesses that can monitor and quantify the results, like online stores that will benefit from sales of their products or services. The beauty of paid search and Google Adwords is the fact that it’s fully customisable, meaning you can target individual countries right down to specific regions. For example, if you’re offering products or services within a set radius of your premises, we can work with you to tailor an eCommerce paid search campaign that will only target people in this area.

Google Adwords Management & PPC Services

If you’re already running a paid search campaign for your eCommerce business, our team can assist with a review of your account performance and architecture. All new campaigns set up by our team will benefit from a full setup process that includes ongoing management and further optimisation where necessary. If you’re struggling to grow a profile in your industry and need quick results, paid search for eCommerce can bring traffic to your site at a fixed cost. Our team will also be able to regularly fine-tune your account to maximise the return on your investment.

The very best paid search campaigns begin with detailed keyword research, followed by quality checks for landing pages and ad copy, completed with daily bid adjustments and constant monitoring – when combined, this approach can bring you valuable clicks that convert at a low cost.

Thanks to this host of tried-and-tested techniques as well as our other internal resources, our paid search campaigns can provide instant and qualified traffic to almost any business in any niche. Our years of experience using PPC platforms such as Google Adwords could give your store the advantage it needs.

To find out more about our Paid Search & Adwords services, just get in touch.