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The trend for smartphones continues to be on the up, and with it a culture of unlimited data usage. For retailers, this means a welcome expansion beyond the physical shop door. The mobile phone-based virtual environment for sales presents a real opportunity for those businesses prepared to work on creating an appealing user experience for their potential customers.

The growth in mobile commerce

Statistics provided by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) suggest that of all the visits to e-commerce sites in the UK last year, 7.7% were via mobile phones. That’s a total of 3.3% of total spending. Even if this sounds on the low side, it still shows that those companies who haven’t yet made the leap into mobile sites or apps are missing a trick. After all, Ocado report that 18% of their sales last year came through mobile phone transactions, and Dominos not only made an impressive £10m through smart phones during that year, early in 2012 they also achieved a colossal £1m in mobile sales in just one week!

2012 – time to encourage mobile sales

With other businesses taking the initiative in the mobile phone stakes, it’s important that your company’s mobile provision is done well. Customers are likely to lose patience if your mobile phone service is less appealing or less convenient than the versions your competitors are offering. Customers turn to their phones because of the ease and speed compared with using desktops and laptops. So companies need to ensure their handheld sales experience is a smooth ride to win those crucial mobile sales.

Magento mobile – pros and cons

As you’ll know if you’re familiar with the platform, Magento delivers useful functionality for mobile devices, with a free mobile theme to convert desktop websites to phone-friendly formats. However, these versions tend to lack the sophistication of tailor made apps, and they don’t provide full desktop website functionality.

Media Lounge Magento Mobile

To optimise conversion rates for smartphone visitors, the mobile version needs above all to be very user friendly. Navigation, speed of page loading, perceived security worries – all these issues are, according to surveys, the major headaches that stop users from buying via their phones.

In response to this feedback, we have two solutions – one to make your existing site more flexible for mobile access, and the other, an app. The site-optimised version incorporates all the seamless flexibility and user-friendliness of an app, as well as checkout pages that use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to ensure privacy and protection. The dedicated app is downloadable from the app store.

There are advantages to the app over the mobile website version. From a marketing point of view, apps mean finding new customers via online stores such as iTunes and Play Store. And whereas mobile optimised sites are limited to browser functionality, apps can benefit from the full scope of the smart phone’s OS. What’s more, having an app icon on a customer’s phone screen makes it a constant visual presence, and thereby more likely to be used than a bookmarked website. Statistics confirm this. And apps receive automatic updates in keeping with device updates and improvements.

Integration with Magento eCommerce

Integrates seamlessly with existing product range
Single admin panel for various devices
Wide range of checkout facilities supported
Native application for iPhone/iPad/Android

Functionality, Compatibility

Updates for promotions and merchandising included in real-time customization
Direct control via current Magnento Admin panel
Single admin panel for various devices
Smooth integration with current product catalog, content management system and store configuration
Content and order management cohesion across all online stores
Support for multistore with centralised interface
Current Magnento store easily integrated with new mobile stores
Admin panel access for application submission process
(iPhone) inbuilt integration with Urban Airship airmail and push notification services
(iPhone) inbuilt integration with Flurry Analytics tools for insight on app usage by end customer
Supports iOS3.x and Andoid 2.x and above
Intuitive touch screen user interface
Optimized design and appealing user experience using native device features
Compatible with payment options including PayPal, Mobile Checkout, Sagepay
Optional integration with existing checkout (includes, Cybersource and others)

Integration with Magento eCommerce

Integrates seamlessly with existing product range
Single admin panel for various devices
Supports a range of checkout facilities

Functionality, Compatibility

Switching between desktop and mobile versions
Smooth integration with current product catalog, content management system and store configuration
Direct control via current Magnento Admin panel
Magnento store easily integrated with new mobile stores
Fast selection of categories without page reloads
Supports multipage
Search from any page, without page reloads
Add to shopping cart instantly, without page reloads
Simple finger swipe action to view options
Automatic detection of iPhone/iPad/Android
Support for multistore
Supports device rotation
Compatible with iOS5, Windows, Android, Blackberry
Integrates with mobile payment applications including PayPal, Mobile Checkout, Sagepay


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