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HighStreet Outlet

HighStreet Outlet

Online Fashion Outlet

Here at Media Lounge, we love working with people who have as much passion and enthusiasm for their business as we do for creating great eCommerce websites – and Highstreet Outlet oozed exactly that from the moment they approached our team. A fashion brand that houses discounted prices of top high street stores, they came to us in 2017 with one key aim in mind – to build a brand new website that would aid onsite sales figures.

We have been working with Media Lounge for 4 years now and most recently they have developed our M2 site.

I think the most important thing about these guys is that they just 'get it' – they have their own eCommerce websites and they really understand what you need to do to grow a successful site.
We had a massive inventory of products to import from our M1 site, which was so much more challenging than we ever anticipated and where I really didn’t think it would be possible at one stage, they didn’t give up until it was done.

The support is A1, the development and design team are excellent - basically, it’s a bunch of talented, dedicated individuals who are very knowledgeable and really great to work with. Our own technical knowledge is limited but we always felt that we could ask those 'stupid questions'.

Overall, developing our new site ended up to be a really enjoyable experience, but most importantly it has grown our business - so thank you!

Julie Burden, Highstreet Outlet
HighStreet Outlet iPad Preview
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