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Ecommerce & Social Media


Nearly every high street retailer is benefiting for a social media presence, this should be no different for e-tailers. Most ecommerce businesses still haven’t used social media to it”s full potential, so below we have tried to outline some of the key benefits to taking part!

Social media is a fantastic form of feedback, if you’re launching a new product why not create a page or account and get poeple’s feedback on the product, price and features. After all the people who become contributors may ultimately be your first customers.

Viral marketing is effectively online “word of mouth” and free advertising. You promote your products and services with a like button or a catchy video and the snowball starts rolling. Users friends, with similar interests, see the things they like and this is often seen as a referral, so they also visit your store.

Facebook offer advertising space in limited areas throughout their site, this marketing can be heavily targeted, for example, if you sell driving lessons in London, you can select your advert to only appear to male and female users aged 17 from the greater London area. Facebook allows you to target ads based on the details the user makes public about themselves such as, gender, age, location etc.

Once a user follows you or likes your products and services you open the door to new communication channel and can update them with news, offers, promotions etc, but some of the more successful social media users don’t bombard their followings with the “sell sell” technique, they simply give the users a fun experience being part of their page/group with funny videos, light hearted updates and the occasion bit of company news. After all if you don’t like the updates as a customer you leave!